Post Frame Construction: The Choice For Garage Buildings

Need additional storage space on your property for cars or other vehicles? Need it done afford-ably? Garage buildings built using post frame construction may be the perfect selection for both adding storage space and getting the job done without going broke. What’s more… now is the best time of year to invest in this project.

Two of the main reasons to have garages built are auto storage and workshop development. When added to an existing home structure, garages provide security, weather safe parking, and secure home access. When the time comes to resell the home, the value also increases when a garage is installed anywhere on the property.

There are many things to think about before buying a garage, however. First off, you will want to make sure you can build a garage. Different agencies and land ownership groups have different rules for what can be constructed. Cities and counties have their own zoning regulations and codes that can often limit the size, materials, and location of your building.

Planning out the construction is a critical step following discovery of all the rules and regs behind building a garage. Some of the things you will need to make decisions on include choosing a construction company, choosing a design, choosing where to place the building on your property, and choosing an interior layout. Once you have all the “choosing” done, you still need to determine square footage, the amount of doors and windows, and any possible exterior fixes. To help with this, the contractor you choose probably has a step by step list of things to go over.

Whether you plan on using a garage as a storage space or as a functioning room, knowing the end goal of your building is critical before getting started. The role of garages in modern living has expanded a bit. Nowadays, garages are being used as workshops, barns, apartments, storage spaces AND as a roof over the head of a car collection. Knowing what you’re building the garage for has a great effect on how, where, and what is used to build it.

If you were considering doing garage construction as a do-it-yourself contractor, be advised that building garages isn’t as easy as the experts on TV make it seem. While many DIYers can handle different aspects of the garage development, most are not qualified to handle excavation work, concrete, carpentry, roofing, electrical and plumbing (if your garage is going to be a living space). Wall development, window installation, and door installation are also tasks involved in the detailed process of constructing a garage. All of these tasks don’t even include ventilation installation, electrical door installation, drywalling and painting.

Attic access may also be something you want to consider as your going through the construction process. However, unless you really want to finish that space right away, a drop down stairway is sufficient.

It sounds like a lot of work, but the benefits of adding a garage building to your home or property using post frame construction far outweigh the work involved. Get more storage and more value for your home by building one.

Amy Matthews is a freelance consultant who works with some of the top Uk marriage visa garage builders in the country. She has been doing copy writing in the construction industry for many years.

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