Positions That Will Help You Solve Your Premature Ejaculation Problems.

Are you trying hard to continue longer in bed? Those with premature ejaculation have a number of “quick fix” solutions available to them such as pills, sprays and gels. In order to last longer in bed, I will show you two positions that will allow you to do so. The need to spend money on costly sprays, gels or pills will be eliminated.

The Female Rider: Use this position if you want to last longer in bed. In this position, your female partner mounts you instead of you mounting her. When you are lying on your back, you are more relaxed and can enjoy the sexual experience and movement. You are able to control your arousal at your own pace by lying in this state. Your partner takes charge of the situation when she mounts you. You have control over your arousal and she has control over her stimulation.

The Reversing Female Rider: This is the reversal of the former position. In this specific position, your partner still mounts you, but faces the other direction. In effect, you are looking at her back. Once again, you get the benefits of the previous position.

Try both positions and change between them – you will find that this is the best way of lasting longer in bed. During your lovemaking, keep changing from one position to the other. By switching positions, you will be able to hold the urge to ejaculate soon. There is an automatic reduction in your arousal level.

Because you are letting your partner mount you, you are letting her dominate you and boosting her ego. She has taken command of the situation. Giving her such dominance will definitely improve your relationship. Your early ejaculation trouble will be resolved and you will ultimately satisfy your partner after such a long time!

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