Some Benefits Of The Scout Explorer Kit

A dependable powerful light is very useful in situations where light is not readily available. Electricity has been considered one of the best discoveries for just that reason. This is why it is a great idea to have a portable and dependable device to provide light and power for electronic equipment. The best part is that the devices built for campers or emergency situations, like the Scout Explorer Kit, are light weight and easy to use. This specific kit comes with three different ways to power the device: by using the AC wall outlet, trying out the solar panels which are included, or by using a car adapter. Regardless of where a person goes, they are sure to have access to at least one of these means to power the kit.

The Escape Scout Explorer Kit includes a Scout 150 batter, Escape 30M solar briefcase, AC wall charger, 12V female and male cigarette adapters, 9′ cord as well as a patent-pending carabiner, and two light-a-life lights. The Light-a-Life light provides far more area coverage than a normal lamp does and lasts for much longer. This means that there is no time limit on the arrival of the party to camp and that camp can be easily set up regardless of how late and dark it has become.

Energy efficiency and green energy approval are some of the well known features of the kit. The solar panel can power up the kit even if there are no AC adapters or car batteries available. Moreover, using solar power in day time can also help in energy conservation in day time and also in setting up the camp.

From laptops, to cell phones, radios, portable DVD players, CPAP machines, PDAs; you can use the Escape Scout Explorer kit to charge up anything. You can discharge the Scout 150 battery by a number of ways like 12 V DC, AC and USB. It also has an integrated charge controller that helps in protecting the battery in case of spikes in the voltage. The built in temperature control and fuse systems help the device to last long and work safely.

The solar panel comes in the form of a foldable briefcase that can be opened up anywhere and made into a fully operating solar panel for every trip. The pop out leg along with the locking mechanisms can be conveniently set up every where. This solar panel supports 12 Light- a- life lights that can be attached to chains and help in providing light to the entire campsite and moving around safely.

Whether you are hiking across the country or just camping for fun, it is a great idea to keep this kit handy. The solar panel can help in powering up all kinds of laptops, cells and even aid in any kind of emergency procedures in Haiti to aid in the relief efforts. The Scout Explorer kit is low weight and a great energy solution for charging up low charge electronic gadgets. With this energy source around, people will be confident in exploring the unknown realms and regions across United States of America.

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