Gradually cultures change their views and ways with time. Differences and handicaps in people were once feared, but now they are embraced. The Special Olympics and Paralympics were invented through this embrace for the handicapped individuals.

Wheelchair or scooter sports have become very popular. These sports were invented because people became aware that disabled individuals had a right to play and participate in sports and competitions. The sports are slightly modified to accommodate for the handicaps.

There are a lot of choices in wheelchair sports. Racing, basketball, tennis, table tennis, baseball, football, hockey, bowling, and badminton are just some of the many options. Each sport requires a use of either a manual wheelchair or electric wheelchair or scooter.

The wheelchairs used in these sports are different then ones that are used for medical purposes only. The wheels on the wheelchair or scooter are angled to give more stability. The chairs are also designed to go faster and be easily maneuvered.

The popular wheelchair sports are basketball and tennis. Basketball for individuals in wheelchairs began in the year 1956. Wheelchair tennis then started up by Brad Parks in the 1970s.

Wheelchair basketball went International in 1973. The committee that oversees the International basketball is International Wheelchair Basketball Federation. There is a number classification system that ranks the severity of the handicapped to ensure fairness.

Wheelchair basketball is patterned after regular basketball with a few exceptions. The rule for traveling is very different. Wheelchair basketball players are said to be traveling when a player has received the ball and touches his or her wheels more than two times. Players must shoot, bounce, or pass the ball before he or she can touch their wheels again.

Two or four people can play tennis in wheelchair tennis. The difference between regular tennis and wheelchair tennis is that the players are in wheelchairs. It is very important that the wheelchairs are easy to maneuver.

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