Popular Flokati Area Rug For Your House

Greece first introduced the luxurious Flokati style to the world. Hand woven Folkati coats were first made around the 5th century by Grecian women to provide warmth during the freezing weather conditions. The 1960s saw the advent of the Flokati rugs in the high society. They now occupy a place of pride in any room where they are laid and symbolize opulence and luxury in a room.

Only wool is used in Flokati area rugs. A unique treatment is used to change the texture of the wool in these rugs. In fact Flokati area rugs are priced based on the weight of the rug.

It is surprising to realize that wool put under rough treatment can give out a beautiful coat of hair on these rugs. The Flokati rugs first undergo severe treatment in rapidly moving water for 40 hours. The continuous friction of the water against the soft wool results in extra body in the unfettered wool. They are then dried under the intense heat of the sun. The resultant product is a glorious rug with beautiful glossy hairs staying up in pride and ready to be shipped to dealers.

Conventionally these rugs are of an off white color. Today however they can be dyed to give you any color of your choice. The premium price paid for these rugs is offset against the reliability and durability expected from these rugs.

These hand woven rugs made in Greece prefer wool from New Zealand. The strength and natural cleanliness of New Zealand wool makes it a hot favorite of Flokati rug makers. A genuine Flokati rug is easily recognized by its fabric and the methodology used in making it. Hindered percent pure wool and hand woven rugs are the trademarks of authentic Flokati area rugs. Imitation Floakti area rugs are made with artificial and man made fabrics which are generally mass produced.

Flokati Area rugs are simple to maintain and cleaning them are an effortless task. These rugs can remain spotless free with a regular simple routine of washing done at home. Chemical cleaning agents are not advised for fear of ruining the texture and color of these rugs.

Folkati area rugs are far superior to any other rugs available in the market in looks and in the feel of the fabric. They add a level of sophistication to the rooms while also providing comfort. The sense of pride derived from it makes them a valuable addition to any home.

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