Popular coffee shop accused of lying about the volume of drinks in glasses

A visitor of a popular coffee chain Costa Coffee revealed a secret about the volume of drinks in the establishment and provoked a discussion on the network. The video published in his TikTok and comments were noticed by journalists of Daily Mail.

The footage, posted online, shows 27-year-old Lewis Axall from the UK pouring a coffee drink from the largest paper cup into a similar medium-sized container, showing that each cup is filled to the brim. His coffee was prepared in a self-service machine.

The author of the video accused the coffee chain of lying and complained that he had to overpay for a large cup of coffee, despite the fact that they put the same amount of drink in different size containers at Costa Coffee.

The guy’s posting went viral, amassing almost 750 thousand views and over 30 thousand likes. Network users began to criticize the network for fraud. “That’s how they make money”, “It’s really true. I always order a large coffee in a medium cup and pay for a smaller volume,” “The same system works in McDonald’s with milkshakes and fries,” “This is what many establishments do,” they wrote in the comments.

Representatives of the coffee shop paid attention to the negative comments on social networks and made a statement: “We can assure customers that when you buy a large drink in Costa Express machines, you get more coffee and liquid compared to the usual volume. Each beverage, including the volume of liquid and the consistency of the milk foam that is lost when pouring from one cup to another, is dispensed according to the size of the cup and the beverage selected. For the safety of our customers, no drink is ever poured to the brim as shown in the video.”

In November 2020, a McDonald’s employee exposed the restaurant’s deception about drink volume. A blogger with the nickname @mykah.mykah shared an exposé on TikTok that showed McDonald’s putting the same amount of liquid in different sized cups.

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