Pop Up Display – For Your Exhibition Or Trade Show Stand

If you plan to be apart of a trade show it can be a lot of work involved in putting together and creating your display area. Being able to create ideas for your exhibition display and advertising your company properly might be a challenging task and you might not know how to materialize your vision. Incorporating a pop up display into your exhibition stand will surely make this task easier for you and definitely less complicated.

A pop up display is usually a stand made out of some form of metal but can also be plastic and it holds up a printed sheet which is usually glossy paper and pops up or rolls out. Such a display is very convenient as you can easily put it up with no effort and if you want to take it down then it can be done in a matter of seconds. You can basically set it up, take it down, pack it and go in no time. It is very lightweight and therefore can be lifted and moved with no hassle.

You can get a pop up display in various shapes and sizes according to your requirements and to best suit your needs. A small pop up display can be used where space is limited but it can still add a good touch to your display while a large pop up display can be best used when you have a lot of space to cover and if you want to make a statement. You can also get a pop up display with a bit of shape and dimension to it. Pop up displays are good for communicating catchy statements to your potential clients and they can also be used well to be a part of your display dcor and an example of this would be to use it as a background.

A pop up display stand would have to be custom made. You can incorporate your company logo as well as company colors into the display. The most common thing though is to have some catchy points printed on the pop up display stand. You will have to meet with someone who does graphic design work that can assist you in designing the artwork for the print of the pop up display. Your designer will help you create a good balance of design and information on the stand as you do not want to have too much text on it as it can be not very attractive to see. People will only be attracted to a display that has clear information. You should be able to describe who you are and what you offer in just a few words and this is what will help people identify you. A few words can be very powerful. When people then come to your stand you can explain your products and services to them further and give them a brochure which contains more detailed information about your company.

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