Poodle Skirts And Petticoats

Poodle skirts are beautiful items for women to wear. They are fashionable and yet unique. Poodle skirts are a unique way to show off your femininity.

Poodle skirts are the perfect skirt for dances. They are a full circle skirt, which makes it great for spinning. They are a popular hit for all ages. Children, teenagers and adults enjoy this beautiful skirt style.

Poodle skirts hit their most popular era during the 50s. The younger crowd loved to wear poodle skirts to school and dances. Teenagers always love wearing ultra fashionable styles and then changing them slightly to fit their own unique tastes.

Poodle skirts were normally made out of felt. Felt was easy to use and inexpensive to make on your own if you needed. Felt also was easy to wash and add appliques to. The reason poodle skirts were called poodle skirts were because of the appliques that were added to the skirt. A popular applique choice was the french poodle.

French poodles were not the only thing appliqued to the poodle skirt. Some people liked to put popular phrases of the time on their skirts. Others enjoyed things concerning dancing and socializing, such as appliques of phones or records.

Poodle skirts needed a crinoline petticoat underneath it to hold its shape. Crinoline petticoats gave poodle skirts volume and lift. Crinoline petticoats used layers of netting that was starched so it would flare out to shape the poodle skirt.

Ponytails were a popular choice of hairstyle, especially if worn with a chiffon scarf. The girls in the 50s also loved wearing the black and white saddle shoes. They normally wore them with white, cotton socks.

The 50s are known for their malt shops and soda shops. They are also known for poodle skirts, sock hops, and great music. The 50s provide a great era to look back on for party ideas or party themes.

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