Pointers On How To Purchase The Perfect Toilet Paper Holder For Your Needs

With so many toilet roll holders to consider from it is hard to choose which one we should buy. Well, it really depends on where and how we want to use them. If you are going to make use of it in open public places or perhaps you have a restaurant or small fast food shop, a very simple toilet paper holder is best to use, but it needs to be durable or solid in design. A metal toilet paper holder placed on the wall is a lot better, to withstand the abuse of so many people who will use it. For home use you need a lot better than ordinary roll holder, if you have minimal room a wall mounted type with decoration to match your home dcor is very nice. Also a multi function holder can also conserve you a lot of room, how about a towel holder or a magazine and book stand with built-in paper roll holder. Changing or upgrading an existing holder needs some modification on the walls to fit the new one. It is a little bit complicated and needed some tools to do it.

If you are not sure about what you are doing it is advisable to call for a specialist. If you don’t want to alter the attachment on the wall you better find one identical to the old holder or you can just add a paper toilet holder stand and put it anywhere near your toilet. There are also roll holders that can be hang to the side of the flash reservoir and can hold two rolls of toilet paper. Below are some toilet paper holders commonly offered in most hardware store and online shops, just choose one that best suited for your needs.

Roll Stand Plus Toilet Paper Holder – This holder is good for storing spare toilet paper and has a holder on top of it. Good for homes with many residents because you don’t have to check every time if the toilet paper is already out and anyone can just grab the spare located on the base and slide it on the holder. The base can hold up to three spare toilet paper roll, good for few days of supply before reloading. It is made of metal with a chrome finish that looks classy and elegant.

Talking Toilet Paper Roll Holder – Surprise your guest and friends with an unexpected message and turn their trip to the bathroom into a surprise. This toilet paper has a built in voice recorder at the spindle that fits inside a roll of toilet paper which you can record a message of music for a few seconds. This is then played when the sensor which is integrated inside the unit detects a movement on the spindle. The mounting bracket is chrome plated and has a mirror finished look that can be mounted on the wall using four metal screws.

Magazine and Toilet Paper Holder – Organize your bathroom and save space with this wall mounted magazine and toilet paper holder. It has a durable stainless still frame which is rust proof and can hold news papers, books and two rolls of toilet paper at the same time. You can use the basket on top of it not only for magazine holder but you can also use them to store towels, shampoos and other things as long as it can fit in it. The whole package includes all the things you need to install it like the instruction manual and mounting screws.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Paper Holder – If you need a classic look toilet paper holder that is very simple but looks luxurious this is the one for you. The oil rubbed bronze finish is will bring the classic look and will complement your bronze bathroom furniture collection. They are easy to install and very tough to last for many years of use if not a lifetime.

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