PLR: What It Is And Ways To Make Extra Money

Of all of the ways to make extra money online, there is one that is often untapped and unknown: selling PLR products. PLR products, an acronym for Private Label Rights products, are normally electronic products sold in the form of e-books, graphics, articles and templates. Once you purchase Private Label Rights, you are free to modify, amend or sell the electronic products the way they are. Selling PLR products can lead to several profitable opportunities. Demand is extremely high for electronic resources, and electronic products make up a substantial amount of affiliate sales.

PLR products are often confused with affiliate products, although they are not the same thing. Affiliate products do not allow the purchaser to amend the product, resell it, or change its price tag. PLR products do, giving the vendor much more control over sales. A PLR product, for instance, can be modified and the new product resold as another PLR. This is not the case with selling affiliate products.

There are so many ways to make extra money with this type of product. [youtube:gZ4tti08904;Private Lable Rights and [link:Ways to Make Extra Money];] You can sell the PLR product directly to the consumer. The vendor purchases the PLR product and then uploads to product purchase link onto his or her website. PLR versions usually come with completed sales copy pages, eliminating a lot of work for newbies. You can experiment with different PLR products and see what sells better.

As an extension to this, you may decide to sell products together as a package. If you choose to do this, be sure to include an appealing sales copy and group together appropriate products. Offering discounts and sales is also another great way to boost sales.

Sometimes PLR products work on their own, but if you are seriously looking for ways to make extra money, take advantage of the opportunity to edit PLR products and make them as appealing as possible to your target audience. You will have to create a new PDF source file, and then compose a new sales copy for your new product. You may also choose to sell your existing product as another PLR product to marketers. In that case you would also have to include the original Word or text file, in addition to your new PDF.

Another potential option is to sell your resale rights, by constructing a new PDF product page and then selling your resale rights. Your usual target will be other marketers.

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