Plastic Or Metal, Which Should I Choose?

There are many things to consider when selecting a dog collar. Your first consideration needs to be the size and strength of the dog that will be wearing it. A collar needs to fit the dog, not only in size but also in strength.

Plastic hardware works very well for collars used on small dogs, puppies and toy breeds. The plastic has many advantages, including it’s lighter weight. The lighter collar is much easier for small dogs and puppies to get used to.

Everyone knows puppies grow fast. While we want to plan for that growth, you don’t want to put them into such a large collar that they are uncomfortable in it. We want them to like their collar.

Have you ever seen a tiny dog wearing a huge collar? The poor puppy can hardly hold up its head! A better choice would be to give it a smaller collar with plastic hardware.

Smaller dogs don’t need the extra strength of metal hardware on their collars. They don’t weigh as much and aren’t as strong as the larger dogs. Collars with strong plastic fittings work much better on the small dogs than do the ones with heavier metal fittings.

In contrast, a large strong dog does need the extra strength provided by metal hardware on the collar. When a large dog lunges after something, it can easily exert several hundred pounds of pressure on the collar. Having a collar with metal fittings will give you greater peace of mind.

The extra weight from using metal fittings doesn’t bother the larger dogs. They won’t notice the difference between the two. Metal fittings will provide greater security and a longer lasting collar.

Plastic and metal hardware both have their place. Both work very well for what they are intended. Both work very well on dog collars, depending on the size of the dog.

The owner of the dog ought to be well-informed about the types of collars available and how to use them properly as to not inflict injury to the dog. Jim Witt recommends visiting Uk marriage visa Country Brook Design to view the wide assortment of custom made Uk marriage visa Martingale Collars that are available in many sizes and colors.

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