Places To Find The Best Eating Establishments In The US

It is no surprise that Americans like to eat. Whether it is high-end restaurants or fast food, Americans are always eating. This article discusses the overall best food cities in the United States. No, we are not taking fast-food into account.

The undisputed champion of restaurants in the US has to be New York City. It has the most restaurants of any city and the most quality ones. With three star Michelin standouts like Per Se and Jean Georges, the number of high end restaurants in the city is endless.

New Orleans – When it comes to culture, New Orleans has every other American City beat. The food is no exception. Creole food is in a league of its own, taking French influence and Cajun flavors to create a unique style of cooking. Some popular Creole dishes include Crawfish etoufee and gumbo.

I hate to admit it, but Vegas has some of the best restaurants in the country. I guess this makes sense as so many people make money out there and don’t know how to spend it fast enough. How about going to a top establishment like Aureole and doing the 9 course chefs tasting with wine pairing?

San Francisco is crawling up on New York’s trail. I think in the next few years, it will overtake New York as the best food city in America. Standouts include Cyrus, Manresa, and of course, Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry.

When it comes to Chicago, there are only two things you need to know: deep dish pizza and Alinea. Ok, so maybe the first one doesn’t really matter, but the latter will most likely be hailed as the best restaurant in the United States come next year.

The sushi in Los Angeles is rivaled only by Tokyo. Katsu-Ya, Matsuhisa, Sasabune and Urasawa are amongst the best. The other restaurants aren’t half bad either!

If you feel that your city deserved to be on this list, then I’m sorry I left it out. This is what I feel are the best eating cities though.

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