The origins of pizza have long been debated. Italy is the obvious answer, however it appears that pizza may have come from far further back than modern Italy. While other cheeses have made their way onto pizza (usually in conjunction with fresh mozzarella), no Italian Pizzeria would ever use the dried shredded type used on so many American pizzas.

Pizza is a culinary delight, and has been for years! Whether it’s a Friday night on the couch, or a high class restaurant, you’ll find pizza on the menu! Such a diverse dish for any occasion, below is a description of the types of pizza:

Neapolitan. Normally cooked in a wood-fired or brick oven, good Neapolitan pizza emerges with an extremely thin, bubbled crust. Slightly charred areas will offer hints of bitterness to offset the sweet-tangy flavor of tomato sauce and the licorice flavor of julienned basil. Scattered pieces of fresh mozzarella accent, rather than cover, the tomato sauce.

New York Style pizza is a hand tossed pizza that has normal amounts of sauce and cheese, the cheese is flexible and is traditionally folded when eaten.

The Hawaiian style pizza is made with bacon and pineapple, and is very popular in the United States and Australia. It is actually not from Hawaii, rather given an adopted name because of the pineapple topping of the pizza.

No one would have ever predicted the popularity of pizza when first introduced to places like USA and Australia. Arguably and generally accepted as originally from Italy, and introduced to the rest of the world, pizza has become a favourite and gourmet dish for much of the population. Dressed up or down, the pizza is a taste sensation!

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