Even if you’re new to the idea, there’s no denying the utter beauty of pine cabinetry. With a rustic look, versatile styling options, and pricing which generally runs a bit lower than many of the other choices available, it’s no wonder why numerous home owners choose these cabinets when it comes to the design of their dream house.

A large incentive for buyers comes with the knowledge that these cabinets come with numerous types of customization options. Pine can be yellow, white, or ponderosa. The yellow tends to be a bit much more straw colored and lacks in density, while taking well to staining and paint. Though quite similar to yellow in these characteristics, the white version stays true to its name boasting a whiter tone. Ponderosa has more of a yellowish color while its heartwood can range anywhere from red-colored to orange. However, the heartwood frequently requires much more preparation if stain or paint are involved.

The fact that pine is of a lighter tone significantly increases the potential staining options. Darker woods are quite hard to lighten. By beginning with a lighter base, it becomes far easier to obtain the desired shade you are looking for. A good wood conditioner should be applied prior to staining in order to avoid extreme lights and darks in the finish. Likewise, pre-sanding may be required to get rid of pesky scratches and dings due to how gentle the wood normally is.

When it’s time to apply the stain it is suggested you experiment with the amount of time the stain is allowed to remain on the wooden before being wiped off. In this way, you will be able to ensure the cabinets dry in a uniform shade. Once a time has been decided it’s time to stain! Keep in mind, that although the conditioner will help the process, no outcome will be blissfully uniform. After the stain has dried completely, you are then able to add the finish of your choice.

Another option regarding the look of your pine cabinets is paint. Paint can usually be applied to unfinished cabinets and can actually make an impact on a room. It is much more economical, timely, and efficient. Though, you should be sure of your decision should you choose to head this route as most paints tend to be rather difficult to remove from wood.

Still if a natural tone is more your style, consider adding a clean coat. Applying a clear finish is arguably the easiest most gorgeous option available.

Regardless of your individual style, it is safe to say that at the end of it all, that the decision to go with pine for your cabinet needs will never make for a dull one.

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