Piles Treatment – What Options Do You Have When Treating Piles?

Hemorrhoids or Haemorrhoids (depending on where you live in the world) are also commonly known as Piles. It is reckoned that half of us will have had Piles by the time we reach 50. If you are suffering from Piles then, unless you are experiencing an extreme case, you may find that it will go away all by itself. Alternatively, you can apply a Piles Treatment.

Piles are little cushion like groups of blood vessels that look like Varicose Veins and can be found externally around the anus or internally within the anal passage.

There can be a number reasons why people suffer from Piles. This can range from pregnancy or obesity; where Piles can be caused by a build up of pressure, to regularly suffering from constipation. Straining whilst going to the lavatory or having anal intercourse can also be a cause.

Symptoms of Piles are generally acknowledged as a sharp shooting pain when going to the lavatory. You may also find blood on your toilet tissue and you may experience swelling, irritation and itchiness around the anus.

Depending on how severe the condition is, you can use a Piles Treatment which can come as Natural or home treatments but, in extreme cases you may have to undergo surgery for their removal. However, as I have already said, Piles are known to heal themselves.

Some examples of natural Piles Treatments are: If you increase the amount of water you drink this will in turn reduce the possibility of suffering from constipation and make your stools softer and so reduce the amount you may have to strain when going to the lavatory. If you increase the amount of fibre in your food then this will improve your digestion. Regular exercise also helps your digestive system as well.

You could consider purchasing Piles Treatments like stool softeners that may contain Coloxyl and Sometimes Senna. Coloxyl is a stool softener which will help you pass your stools more easily and Senna is a natural laxative. These products are gentle and if you take them for example, in the evening, will likely have an effect by the morning. Make sure as always, that you follow the instructions that come with these products.

Creams and Suppositories are other Piles Treatments you could consider. These products numb the area and make it easier to pass your stools when going to the lavatory. You may also consider Aloe Vera and Pile Wort which you will find at your Health Shop.

Please Note: Never take any medical products without reading the instructions first and if you have any doubts always consult a doctor.

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