Pick Pack And Ship: Three Magic Words In Mail Order

If you want your mail order business to be successful you have to be familiar with the three magic words of mail order business: pick pack, and ship. The more accurately and efficiently a business can pick pack and ship goods, the happier their customers will be, and the more successful the company will be. However, as your company and the demand for your products grows it can become more and more difficult to keep up with shipping demands. This gives you a choice. You could either hire new staff to pick & pack for you, or you can place increasing pressure on your existing personnel to handle the expanding workload. Neither of these would be ideal.

Thankfully, there is a better way. By contracting a fulfillment warehouse, you eliminate the need to pay expensive warehousing and labor costs, and give yourself access to a team of experts who know shipping and handling inside and out. Why squander precious man hours having someone multitask when you could have people specifically trained to accurately and efficiently pick pack and ship your products whenever you need them? A fulfillment warehouse really is the ideal solution to this problem. Using a fulfillment warehouse won’t just eliminate your storage and warehousing problems, but your actual product packing and delivery is managed by a team of experts.

Fulfillment warehouses streamline the entire shipping process. This makes the whole process much more efficient and cost effective. Not only do they avoid a lot of down time for employees by serving a number of companies’ shipping needs, they normally also train their workers to specialize in certain responsibilities in the shipping process. Just as Henry Ford’s production line streamlined the process of making automobiles and brought the manufacturing costs down so that average people could afford to buy cars, the fulfillment warehouse assigns staff to certain tasks, like pick & pack, to streamline the shipping process and make it less costly for the small business.

Personnel in a fulfillment warehouse basically perform two roles; pick & pack. Pickers are specially trained to examine your order manifests, find the bins or internal SKUs containing the specified items, pull the items required, and get them ready to be shipped. The picker then turns the items over to another specialized worker, who will continue the shipping process from there. He or she Will then go about finding the next order.

Packers verify that all of the items on the list have been correctly picked, providing you with an additional pair of eyes to make sure that nothing was overlooked (potentially saving you a lot of bother). Once he or she has verified that all of the items are present, the packer completes the packaging process, which in most cases includes attaching a packing slip and receipt. Lastly, the packer will label the packages with the customer’s address and any specific directions about how the package is supposed to be shipped. Skilled packers understand when packages should be labeled fragile or handle with care, and take those concerns out of your hands.

Fulfillment centers will then ship your products to their final destination. This is usually done via major courier services, like FedEx and UPS. The benefit of using a fulfillment warehouse is that they ship items in bulk and this is much less expensive.

Alleviate yourself of the shipping and handling headaches and expenses. Let a fulfillment warehouse pick pack and ship: the three magic words in mail order.

Jeff Ehrlich is the owner of FulfillmentPlusNY which offers pick pack and ship operations for a diverse group of customers nationwide.Contact Jeff for product storing & shipping.

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