Pet Insurance Plans : Choose Carefully For The Best Deal

Saving a few pounds a month on pet insurance might seem like a good idea when finances are short but it could cost you a lot more than you bargained for in the long run. It’s better to buy the best insurance you can afford because cheaper is certainly not better when it comes to choosing insurance for your family pet.

Look for the quality and depth of the coverage and past the info that the insurance company wants you to read. Instead of choosing insurance by price only look very closely into what coverage it really offers you and your pet. Don’t be fooled by a long list of unlikely scenarios either; the thought of your dog being hit by passing car might be dreadful, but it’s much more likely that it will fall sick from too much sweet food.

Also, when you’ve established what you are covered for, pay very close attention to how much you are covered for. It’s no use being covered for any possible scenario if the insurance company is only willing to pay out a 20 for the expenses you’ve just incurred! Pet insurance is designed to protect your pet and your bank account; make sure the policy covers you for these expensive surgeries – you might have to pay a little bit more, but that’s why you’re getting the insurance in the first place.

When you make a claim on insurance, you need it dealt with quickly and responsibly – not many people can afford to take a hit like a big vet bill and lose that kind of money from the family budget. Cheaper insurance policies may mean you have to wait for the admin to get sorted out a little longer.

Make sure you read the small print as very cheap insurance companies often cram their policies full of conditions that can make claiming incredibly difficult. That’s how they make their money whilst keeping prices low. You may find your monthly premiums are very low but if you ever have to claim, your excesses will be very high and this will add up considerably over the lifetime of your cat or dog.

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