Personalized Wedding Favors That Say “I Love You”

The wedding favor says more about you than you might realize. The favors that you give at your wedding will leave a lasting and indelible mark that your guests will talk about for a long time and they will not be talking to you, they will be talking to each other. This is why it is so very important that your unique wedding favors be something that leaves a positive and lasting impression on your guests. Remember that these people are your family and close friends, making it more important that you choose the right favors to thank them for their support. The big question is how to choose the perfect wedding favor that your guests will treasure for years to come. Here are a few tips that will make that decision easier and free up your time for the rest of those details that are so important.

Unique wedding favors are the key to success. A little research is all you will need to ensure that you are not giving the kind of wedding favors that are set aside and forgotten or stuck in a box in the attic. One way to achieve this goal is to give your guests personalized wedding favors that speak directly to them as individuals. If you are inviting friends and family, then chances are either you know their likes and dislikes, or you know someone that does. Can you imagine how thrilled a guest would be if they received a beautiful and unique snow globe when they are a collector of snow globes?

Do you have a guest that has a wonderful display of porcelain masks on their living room wall? Next time you are there, take a mental picture or recruit an accomplice to snap a photo and send it to you in email. Giving a great porcelain mask to this person will blow them away and they will think of you and your beautiful wedding every time that they look at this unique wedding favor.

Another way to insure that your wedding favor is an amazing gift not soon forgotten is to give personalized wedding favors to all of your guests. A unique wedding favor that speaks to the individual is great, but if you have a message either attached or engraved on it with their name explicitly mentioned, it would blow their socks off. Tell Aunt Betty that you have always admired her collection of porcelain masks and that that you feel the day would not have been as joyous had she not attended. Aunt Betty will brag about your wedding and her mask for years.

You may have a picture of many of your guests already in a photo album. If not, you certainly have a photographer or two on your list of covert operatives. The point is, if you give a blown up picture of your guest–or you and your guest together–in a beautiful new picture frame then you are giving a gift that will be cherished forever.

Another trick to giving unique wedding favors that will always be cherished is to give them in personalized favor boxes. A personalized favor box tells your guest that you were thinking of them and that you cared enough not just to pick out a special wedding favor meant just for them, you also took the time to put it in a special package in pretty pastel tissue and a gorgeous bow.

Wedding favors are an extremely endearing part of your wedding and unique wedding favors in personalized favor boxes will make your beautiful wedding one that no one will ever forget and very few will be able to top.

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