Personal data of more than half a billion Facebook users leaked online

The stolen information has already appeared in the public domain on one of the hacker forums, according to the portal Business Insider.

The personal data of 533 million Facebook users has been leaked online. We are talking about phone numbers, full names and locations of persons, email addresses and biographical information. All this information is available for free on one of the hacker forums on the Internet, according to the news portal Business Insider.
It is specified that the data of users from 106 countries was stolen. In particular, more than 32 million user records in the US, 11 million in the UK, six million in India and ten million in Russia were merged into the network.
The portal cites the opinion of security experts, who warn that the stolen and published data can be used by hackers to commit fraud.
“A database of this size containing personal information, such as the phone numbers of many Facebook users, will certainly lead to attackers using the data to carry out social engineering attacks and hacking attempts,” said Alon Gal, a cybercrime expert.
The article also notes that since the information is publicly available, it can be used by anyone who has basic skills in working with data.

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