Perseverance rover made a test trip on the surface of Mars

The rover covered 6.5 meters in 33 minutes.

On the first trip, the rover was tested for subsequent calibration of the systems. Even though the trip was short and slow, NASA engineers made sure the rover was able to travel 200 meters at a time over the next two years to collect soil samples.
The test lasted 33 minutes — during this time, the rover drove four meters forward, turned 150 degrees and reversed about 2.5 meters more.
“We are very happy with the result. I don’t think we’ve ever been so happy about the wheel tracks,” said NASA spokesman Robert Hogg.
Like Curiosity, Perseverance can reach speeds of up to 160 meters per hour. The rover uses a suspension system that allows it to overcome rocks the size of its wheels — about 50 centimeters in diameter — and not fall.
With an improved system that allows you to avoid obstacles and sand pits, the team will spend less time planning trips and more time on scientific research, said Perseverance engineer Anais Zarifyan.
Perseverance launched from Earth in July 2020 and made a successful landing on Mars in February 2021. The rover has already transmitted images of Mars and the video recorded during the landing to Earth.

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