Performing In A Memorial Day Baseball Tournament

Memorial Day is an important day for Americans because it is a tribute to men and women in the military who died while serving their country. Initially, this holiday was for the Union soldiers who fought in the American Civil War. But after several years, they also included other soldiers.

Because this holiday is observed on the last Monday in May each year, a lot of families take advantage of the long weekend to do things that are fun for whole family. For people who usually have Saturday and Sunday as regular days off this becomes a mini-vacation for those workers. Quite often families will plan to camping or fishing trips, have a picnic, or a day of games. However, families who are baseball loving fans usually have kids who enter baseball tournaments held on Memorial Day weekends. If you are planning to attend a Memorial Day baseball tournament, there are several things you should do.

If the tournament will be held somewhere not familiar to you, you should get directions in advance. You do not want your son to be late in the game. If the location is very far, try to go there one day early. A lot of people will be traveling on this day and you do not ant to get stuck in a mile-long traffic jam. You also want your son to rest first after a long trip.

Another tip for planning a Memorial Day baseball tournament is to make an advanced hotel reservation. This is also because these events attract many people from different places all over the country, especially on Memorial Day.

Choose a hotel that will make you and your son comfortable during the whole trip. And of course, the best hotels will be the first ones to get full reservations. You need to confirm your reservation a day in advance.

You’ll want to make sure you bring a picnic basket and ice chest along for the day of the tournament. You certainly don’t want to be running back and forth for snacks from the concession stands for you and your son. In addition, you’ll be able to pack some healthy types of snacks instead of being stuck with the usual junk food available at the concession stands.

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