Perform Window Cleaning Without Taking Risks

There is nothing worse than looking at a beautiful house that has filthy windows. It can make the rest of the house seem dirty and uncared for. It is much better to have lovely clean sparkling windows that add to the look of the property, but how do you go about window cleaning safely?

When you are using a ladder, there are several matters that you must think about and following the points mentioned should help prevent accidents. You should not spend any longer than 30 minutes on a ladder at any one time. Take a break every half an hour.

When positioning your ladder, you should ensure that the ground conditions are such that they will support the ladder. For example, the ground should not be uneven or wet and muddy as this will make it unsteady. You should also ensure that it is not too windy in the area where your ladder will be positioned.

If you cannot safely reach the far side or you are working on two windows next to one another without overstretching, get down and position it in a better place to reach where you want to work. As well as the chances of you hurting yourself by overstretching, you could make the ladder unbalanced. Ensure that you are able to hold onto the ladder when ascending and descending, do not try to go up and down the ladder with items in your hands.

If working from the inside is not an option, then you could use rope access. A technique that many people use safely, the employee has two ropes, which have two separate anchorage points, each rope having its own safety descending mechanism. Training should be provided for all employees using this equipment, to ensure that it is used safely.

There may be National rules and regulations that employers and employees have to follow, depending on where you work and reside, employers are required by these regulations, to ensure that all employees working at heights are either in the position to avoid working at heights, for example, working from the inside. Or safety equipment must be provided and the employees must be trained in how to use the equipment.

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