Perfect Accessories To Wear In Summer Time

When summer comes, fashionable girls are faced with a tedious dilemma: how to look hot in hot weather? How do you flaunt your sense of style when you dont feel like wearing much? Accessories are the exciting answer to this problem. They will allow you to look smart and express your personal style even when you wear simple, comfy clothes, in light colors and fabrics. And the bright side of it all is that this seasons accessories are nothing but personality and color.

No matter how different their styles might be, most girls have one thing in common: their love for shoes. The good news is that this seasons shoes are as flashy as can be. Or at least thats what most designers have shown in their spring/summer collections. Every color that you can possibly think of is in, as long as its bright and intense. Stiletto heels, peep-toes or pumps, are the absolute must of the season in terms of footwear, but flat gladiators and leather band sandals are still very popular. The romantic, feminine look inspired by hippie or ethnic clothes is still in, which means that you shouldnt be too anxious to put away your wooden heeled shoes or your rope sandals.

Bright colors can easily describe this season’s jewels too, but in this department its more about size. Its about architectural items and statements. But there are some rules to wearing such items. Big colorful bangles are very trendy and you can wear more than one at a time, but only on one wrist. Similarly, if you want to put on a pair of spectacular earrings, it might be a good idea to give up the necklace. The trick is to focus on one part of your body to which you want to draw attention.

Bags too are subject to the same color frenzy and they dont mark any clear differences from last years fashion. Over sized bags are still in, though they are losing popularity in favor of medium size bags with short handles or long straps stretching from the shoulder to the opposite hip. There is, however, a new trend that brings forward practical, utilitary bags in neutral shades, comfortable items that can be used for multiple purposes. These can be beautifully combined with more colorful, lively accessories, so that the overall effect remains neat and pleasing to the eye.

But what should you wear with these lovely jewels, shoes and purses? Simple, discrete clothes that will not clash visually with the accessories. Feminine, vaporous dresses are just as hot as they were last summer, but also look out for linen trousers, which are back in the spotlight. At the same time practical and pretty, they are perfect for your brand new, gorgeous gladiator sandals or elaborate jewels.

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