Peptic Ulcer Diet (It Worked For Me)

In January, I woke up with the worst heartburn of my life. I’ve never experienced heartburn as bad as this. Periodically I use to have heartburn, but it was nothing as bad as this. I didn’t think too much about it until I had this problem. I tried the usual over the counter products that fix it, but it wasn’t working. This was a nasty pain in my throat.

I went to work and the pain was unbearable. I bought more antacids from the store, but nothing was working at all. The pain of my condition was so bad that I literally had tears constantly running down my face. When I went to bed, I assumed that the next day would be better.

I set an appointment with my doctor, but the next day I found blood in my stool and rushed to see him.

When I had an appointment with a specialist, he told me that I needed to have an Endoscopy. After I had this done, the doctor told me that I had the early stages of an ulcer located in my esophagus. He prescribed me some medications that worked for a little while. After the prescription stopped working, I went and saw the doctor again. He suggested that I ignore the problem and continue taking the medication that wasn’t working for me anymore.

I had heartburn for 8 straight days. That’s when something went wrong. My problem worsened and now had constant pressure in my throat that never went away. Occasionally my heartburn use to go away, but not this time. I was prepared to spend the rest of my life like this.

I consulted several doctors who prescribed me different medications, but nothing seemed to work. I was taking close to 10 pills a day with no positive results. My friends who are into alternative medicine told me to come over for some suggestions.

That night my friends helped me come up with a perfect plan to heal my ulcer naturally. I was able to quit all of my medication and learned how to live a healthier lifestyle without anything too drastic.

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