Along the Queensland Coast are some of the most marvelous rain forests in the entire world. There is no better place then Queensland to enjoy a museum of natural nature. It is complete with luxury accommodations, peaceful secluded areas, and the ability to observe or explore the nature.

There is a rain forest that is said to be over a hundred million years old, and exists in Queensland Australia. This rain forest is the home to many native Australian creatures from the cute and cuddly koala bears to beautifully breathtaking tropical birds. All of these creatures can be observed, while walking along a boardwalk. This is to ensure that there is minimal distraction to the animals in their natural habitat, as well as to preserve the habitat itself.

Guided tours are available during the day, and there are even evening tours that allow you to see the nocturnal animals as well. You choice in tours include a walking tour, safari drive or river cruise. The river cruise tour gives you the added bonus of observing crocodiles while they lay in the sun.

This region also includes picnic areas, beaches and natural surroundings that remain untouched. There are deluxe accommodations throughout the rainforest, where you can find yourself some relaxation and peaceful rest.

Cabins, beach front rental homes, bungalows, secluded resort areas and five star luxury hotels. These are the types of accommodations that are offered to you while staying in the rain forest. With all these choices you can easily find a resort to cater to your needs and budget. There has been a lot of thought put into creating these resorts so that visitors will not only enjoy the peaceful life of the rainforest, but all the sights and sounds that it offers.

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