PC Monitoring Software For Employees: A Simple Solution To Keep Business Working

The first day of the NCAA Basketball Tournament costs United States businesses $1.8 billion due to lost productivity. Employees often waste time and money by watching such sporting events, shopping, or reading web pages. Businesses need to stay ahead of this curve and keep on track, and one way of doing this is to use pc monitoring software for employees.

One question that employers often ask is about the legality of such software. Rest assured, the computers are the property of the company. This gives management the right to make sure that they are being used properly and for the correct task. There is no state or federal law in the United States that would prohibit the use of monitoring.

A quality software package should certainly have keystroke logging. This feature will keep a record of all keys that the user has pressed, and the program will organize them into a format that is easily read by a supervisor. This is the most effective way of knowing what a staff member is doing at any point during the day.

A manager or owner will also want to know what web sites have been visited. Most monitoring applications include a record of all web activity, including not only the addresses visited but also the amount of time that was spent at each site.

Keystroke logging and web activity records are not the only features that many monitoring packages might have. There may also be functionality for instant messaging and email logging, and most importantly, file downloads can be recorded. This is crucial because downloads may open up your business to malicious programs, or the downloads may themselves be illegal.

These features are some of the great things that can be done with PC monitoring software for employees. While there is no way that every computer can be physically monitored at all times, these applications mean that there is no need to do so. It may finally mean that rather than watching sports or shopping, workers may actually do what they are supposed to do: work!

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