Businesses need to move away from the traditional methods of promoting their goods and services to embrace the power of online advertising.

A report published recently by Forrester Research stated that the global economic downturn would have no damaging effect upon online advertising, in fact it would accelerate the shift of media spend to the internet. In the UK, online advertising spend has already topped 3 billion and by 2013 it is predicted that 15% of all European advertising budgets will be spent online.

There are many ways to make the internet work for your business but one of the most cost effective ways, especially for short-term advertising campaigns, is to use the services of a Pay Per Click management company to run a PPC campaign.

PPC or Pay Per Click is a form of online advertising where you can buy your way to the top of the search engine results for keywords and phrases which are relevant to your business. You buy the advertising on the search phrases which are most relevant to your business and are then charged each time someone clicks through to your website.

Pay Per Click is a great way of creating a buzz about your business – it is a relatively low cost form of advertising and it drives traffic to your website almost immediately. Compare this to the slower, traditional forms of advertising such as the Yellow Pages – you wait weeks for the directory to be delivered to potential customers and then have no guarantee they will even open it as recent research has proven that more people look online to find businesses.

Then there is the lack of flexibility with traditional advertising methods – once an advert has been placed in a directory, magazine, or other printed material there is no way you can change it until the next edition is issued and then you will incur additional costs. With a Pay Per Click campaign, managed effectively through a PPC Management company, you can have all the flexibility you want as keywords can be adjusted, added or deleted according to current market conditions.

Whilst the more traditional forms of advertising may be best suited to long term marketing strategies, pay per click is idea for short term advertising campaigns. If you cannot wait to see advertising spend converted into sales revenue PPC is the perfect solution as it can offer an immediate return on investment, especially if your website can process sales online.

So basically, it boils down to this – people are looking for what you sell at this precise moment and if you are relying on them finding you in the unopened Yellow Pages your competitors will be laughing all the way to the internet bank! You need to act now and embrace the power of online advertising. If you do it right, through a PPC management company, you will drive that traffic directly to your website and your rivals won’t even get a sniff.

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