Paternity Testing – Is It Better To Take A Legal Or A Home Paternity Test?

If you are planning to use a paternity test, you have the option of utilizing both an at home DNA test kit or legal paternity testing. Each kind of paternity testing has its advantages and disadvantages, and some careful thought needs to be given to which serves the needs you have the best.

Home Paternity Testing:

Home paternity tests are usually the best choice for those who would like to keep your paternity test procedure private. For example, if you are man with issues about paternity, yet do not want to worried the newborn’s mother be difficult on her statements about your being the father of a child you may wish to keep your test private. If the results come back stating that you are the father of the child, there will be no need for the emotional conflict that can occur when pestering claims about paternity. Nevertheless, you should be aware that whatever the success, an at home paternity test doesn’t have any standing in a court. For this you will need a legitimate paternity test.

Authorized Paternity Testing:

A legal paternity test is carefully monitored through the entire testing process in order to ascertain what is known as a “chain of custody.” This ensures there has been no tampering when using the samples at any phase of the testing process, and also the results can be utilized in court proceedings, if required. Child custody and support cases frequently count on legal paternity tests. As an example, if you are the mother of a child whose father refuses to pay any support because he questions paternity, you can turn to court and request that he be ordered to use a legal DNA test. Once paternity has been recognized, you can move onto the next phase of formally requesting child support obligations to be made on the account of the child.

These two kinds of paternity testing usually are not automatically exclusive of one another.

For example, you might want to make use of a home paternity test prior to seeking any legal paternity testing, considering that the legal test is more costly and has legitimate implications. With careful consideration about the needs of both you and the kid involved, you will be able to ascertain what test could be the best for you.

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