Healing Yourself With Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression therapy has proven to be an effective and popular tool many people are taking to heart in order to improve their lives and better their futures. Past life regression therapy is not a gimmick to turn you into the person you used to be, but a technique to help you learn from your past.

Past life regression therapy is discovering a new way of looking at who you are by remembering who you were in a past life, and discovering how to use this knowledge to help yourself. You can do this through a variety of meditations, and the benefits of using past life regression therapy are without number.

Advanced Past Life Regression Journaling Techniques

The first tool to use in your past life regression therapy is a journal. This isn’t a simple list of what you ate yesterday, or what you wore last week to the office, or even a place to keep track of your spending. This journal is more complex, more demanding, and requires that you be open and honest with yourself and who you truly are.

Start out with journaling by listing your thoughts, emotions, and even trival experiences that happen in your day to day life. Record how you feel about those situations and what you did to resolve them. Perhaps the most important part is to be honest with yourself about the emotions that you’re feeling as these are the strongest clues that you’ll see about yourself when you look back into your past life.

In addition, recording emotions and thoughts about your daily activities will also help you to decipher patterns about yourself. You can use these visible patterns to change your personality and attributes about yourself that you don’t like.

The Art of Meditation

The most difficult tool to learn to use in your past life regression therapy is meditation. It requires a great deal of you, and demands that you trust yourself, and learn to find inner serenity.

If you are having trouble relaxing into a meditative state, try listening to a music CD or DVD with soothing images, peaceful music, or even one that is designed specifically to enhance meditation. It takes time to learn to meditate successfully and to gain the full benefits from it, but with patience and a peaceful mind you will find yourself becoming more and more adept at reaching for inner peace.

When you are in a meditative state you will find yourself able to let your mind wander to what is truly important in your life, to relationships with family and friends and even work. When you are finished with your meditation, take a moment to write your thoughts, feelings, and discoveries in a journal.

Why You Need Past Life Regression Therapy

There are numerous benefits to getting involved with and starting life regression therapy. Looking back on your past and even your current self, you’ll be able to understand yourself much better than before. It can help uncover hidden thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you didn’t think you had. Your subconscious will be free and you’ll be able to think more clearly than you had before.

Past life regression therapy can also help you with those issues that have been plaguing your life. Relationships with a father or mother, sibling or even children can be fraught with emotions; emotions you may be unaware of until you sit down to take a look at them through the journal and meditation exercises.

In the end, past life regression therapy will teach you more than just who you are and who you have been, but will help you change into who you want to be. When you look at yourself and the patterns you have formed over the years of your life, you will see how small changes can create a great impact upon the life you now lead.

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