Part Time Jobs – Involve A Short Working Span

What are jobs? Why do we need them? Is there a way of earning some money while studying? Can housewives earn some money from home? If yes, then how? Such questions though really simple often go unanswered. First of all, a job is a word that has multiple connotations; it is used in many different ways by people. A person’s responsibility is called his job. The nature of a work done can be described as a job. An occurrence can be called a job.

The most generic definition of a job is that it is a specific task assigned to an individual with the promise of a fixed pay and which he performs for his vocation or employment. Jobs are of two types, full time and part time. While full time jobs generally have long working hours and require a certain degree of education and training or a lot of talent and experience, a part time job is a form of job that does not really require a lot of professional certified training and does not generally have a long working time span.

Popularly, there are two types of part time jobs, online and offline. Online jobs have increased in market size due to the increasing trend of outsourcing among various business entities. These jobs include data tasking, proofreading, copywriting, online tutorials. Generally, from home part time jobs or online part time jobs can be searched and found on the net, they have to be applied for through net only. There are many job search engines supporting exclusive portals for part time jobs only. But offline part time jobs may have a preliminary screening or interview. The application process for an offline part time job is slightly more detailed. These jobs include restaurant waiters, babysitters, tutors, cooks, live show hosts, event co-ordinators and performers etc.

Applying for a part time job is a little different from applying for a full time job. While sending information about yourself, be sure to mention the following details apart from your essential details (name, age sex, address etc.). The name and year of the schools attended, name and reference numbers of previous employers if any. You should also mention the dates of employment. If you are a fresher then your teachers can be your references. Do attach a resume if you have one.

Also during the screening or interview be extra careful regarding your attire. It need not be a complete business suit, but should be simple and elegant. Avoid wearing anything too flashy or colourful. Chose your footwear really carefully too, it should not be dirty or tacky. It should be sober and comfortable. Avoid sneakers or flip flops as they come under casual footwear. For girls, do not put on too much make up, just a light eye shadow or liner, along with a nude kind of lip colour would be fine. If you have multiple piercings you might want to remove all or at least some of them. Be smart and sober looking.

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