Paintball: Co2 Or HPA, Which Is Best?

This article will tell you a little about CO2 and the problems that can happen when using it. While it is inferior to compressed air, it is more affordable. Compressed air is much more dependable.

Most players will be just fine using CO2. They can play for years and years with it and still have fun playing paintball. If you want to save money and don’t really care about improving your gun’s performance then there is no reason to upgrade. Some markers work much better on CO2 than others, so many players chose not to upgrade.

In cold weather CO2 can be lots of trouble. Problems such as inconsistency, sputtering, choking, shooting snow, gun getting cold, tank getting cold, and your gun “freezing up” are what you can experience while using it.

Most of these problems generally occur when you are shooting fast. When you are unloading paint at a target, you especially don’t want anything to affect your accuracy.

There is both liquid and gas inside of a CO2 tank. It is the gas you want your gun to use, and not the liquid, as it is what causes problems. As you shoot your gun, more of the liquid will turn into gas. When you shoot faster than the liquid can convert to gas, the liquid will enter your gun and cause problems.

The problems that occur from liquid entering your gun can greatly hinder your consistency. You may notice your paintballs begin to travel shorter and shorter when you are firing rapidly.

Having inconsistent velocity can greatly affect your ability to hit your target. Many times, it helps to be able to shoot a stream of paint to keep someone in their bunker, or to hit a moving target. With each shot going not as far as the first one, it makes it difficult to do either.

So what can you use that won’t give you problems with consistency? Compressed air (also called HPA) is a superior alternative. It works much better in paintball guns, is more consistent and isn’t hindered by cold weather.

As you learned above, N2/Compressed Air/N2 is the best choice when it comes to paintball. For the best tank you can buy for the money, and the size of tank you should get, go here – Uk marriage visa paintball N2 tanks.

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