Paintball Clothing – Clothing Specifically Made For Paintball

Firstly what is paintball and why is special paintball clothing needed? Paintball is a very popular sport where players eliminate their opponents by shooting them with balls containing paint. A paintball gun which is powered by compressed air is used to shoot the paintballs out.

It is essential that when playing paintball that you are correctly dressed and wearing the required clothing. You want to wear something that provides you with some kind of protection and also makes the game so much more fun. You really don’t have to go out and buy the most recent designer outfit nor do you need to spend a lot of money.

There are some people who just wear shorts and t-shits, which is not a good idea. Then of course you also get those that are in with the state of the art fashions and wear brand name clothing to make them look cool and slick. But they are certainly not any better at playing paintball than those who just wear necessary protective clothing. Expensive clothing doesn’t make you any better.

The whole objective behind paintball is that the player just wears the right clothing. The major factor is that you are covered from head to toe. The paint from the paintballs has been known to discolor light colored clothing so when making a choice go for dark color clothing.

Never choose clothes that are tight on your body as this restricts your body movements, go for the loose and more comfortable clothes, as well as clothes that will be kept for this purpose only. Your best clothes will get destroyed and really very dirty from paintballing.

The most sensible of all clothing types is of course camouflage. It helps you blend in with surrounding bushes as well as the immediate surroundings of the area you are playing in. By wearing a long sleeved T shirt you can help to avoid bruises from the paintballs. What is really great is a baseball cap worn backwards on your head which can protect your neck.

Also a definite as well as the most important is a really good quality face mask which will protect your face from any harm. Should you be hit in the face by a paintball some serious damage can be done. Under no condition wear sandals. Only wear closed shoes to give your feet protection.

All these stipulated paintball clothing items as well as gloves will help you from getting hurt. They can also provide protection when you are rolling, sliding or crouching during a game. For those that already participate and for those wanting to participate, go online and check the paintball accessories out.

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