Paint Color Creates A Feeling Of Tranquility And Space

Living in a huge mansion is not really the worst thing that can happen. But neither is living in a small home. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few perks to it, like having less to clean, like the fact that its easier to maintain or the fact that you will spend less on lighting and heating, to name just a few. Or like having that wonderful feeling of cozy intimacy. Youll say that it doesnt always feel cozy and comfy, that it can feel quite uncomfortable and unbreathable. True, but there are easy ways to fix that.

Of course, everyone knows how important it is to carefully organize your space, to use multi-functional furniture and to clear up the clutter if you live in a small home. Also, many people are aware of how far the smart use of lights and optical illusions can go to the end of creating the impression of large, airy spaces, but dont quite know how to apply that in practice. These, in fact, are wonderful solutions, as they are very effective and equally inexpensive. And color is the key to it all. The not so well kept secret is to use just one color scheme for the entire place. Work with tone-on-tone hues, as different colors visually break up the continuity of a place, making it look cramped.

And for this idea to work to its full potential, the same color scheme should apply to furniture, as it will visually merge with its surroundings, thus creating the impression of larger, more luminous rooms. It goes without saying that changing your furniture for the sole purpose of harmonizing it with the walls is counterproductive. The more reasonable approach would be to repaint the walls in colors that match the furniture that you already have. Another good idea that spawns from this is painting the walls of all adjacent rooms in the same shade, as it will generate a feeling of continuity. And for it all to be perfect, identical flooring would be excellent.

Albedo is a fancy word that refers to a common knowledge and common sense notion: the different reflective power of different colors. Light tends to bounce off surfaces painted in cool, light colors, making them seem bigger, whereas dark colors absorb light and optically reduce dimensions. All the ladies love the low reflective power of black when it comes to tight cocktail dresses, but when decorating small places, dark colors should be avoided. But here’s a different scenario: say the room isn’t really that small, it just looks like that because of the disproportionately high ceiling, as can happen with older buildings. The simple secret to fixing that is to visually correct the imbalance between the horizontal and the vertical. In that view, choose a dark, warm color for the ceiling and light shades from the same color scheme for the walls. This will apparently bring the ceiling and the floor closer together, annulling the lanky and grim aspect of the room. And you can go the extra mile and prolong the dark color of the ceiling on one of the walls and even on the floor, if possible.

But this is not the only solution. You could also balance the height and the width of a room by using stripes on the walls. If the ceiling is too high, you want horizontal stripes, whereas if the room is too low, you can fix it with thin, vertical stripes. If you choose this particular solution, tone down your choice of chromatics, as stripes and strong colors just dont mix well. And keep in mind that you can put the stripes only on the wall that has the best visibility in the room.

Color therapy is not exactly a recent invention, so why not put to good use the power of colors to influence your frame of mind? If you feel that you lack energy, for instance, go for reds, but apply some moderation to it, as this color can easily become agitating and tiresome. Light shades of blue spell peace and tranquility, yellow is said to boost intellectual activity, while green is supposed to be the color of balance, not to mention that it will also help with you tired eyes.

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