Painful Sciatica Issues Helped By Chiropractic Care In Lake Orion

A Lake Orion chiropractic doctor will be able to help you if you are suffering with the painful condition called sciatica. This occurs when the large sciatic nerve becomes inflamed. It causes intense pain and tenderness which radiates from the buttocks, through the thigh and down the leg and foot.

A slipped lumbar disc can often be the cause. This can happen if you suddenly bend or turn. The pain becomes more intense when you stand, sit or strain. Going to the toilet, sneezing or coughing can be intolerable. The pain is often accompanied by numbness, weakness in one leg, or ‘pins and needles’.

You can even be completely incapacitated when there is pressure on the sciatic nerve. Just moving from one room to another is a mission and you will probably have to take time off work. A simple movement feels like an electrical shock. Don’t wait until it gets this bad. See a chiropractor as soon as possible.

During the first consultation, you will be asked a number of health-related questions. After this, the chiropractor will give you a physical exam, paying particular attention to the legs and spine. This will enable him or her to assess your reflexes, flexibility, muscle strength and mobility. If the condition is severe, a CT or MRI scan may be required.

When the cause has been identified, the chiropractor can use several effective and relieving therapies. These are transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), trigger point therapy, spinal manipulation, cold or hot therapy, and ultrasound. To prevent the condition from recurring, you will be given some daily exercises.

The cornerstone of chiropractics is the philosophy that the body is able to heal itself. None of the therapies used by a Lake Orion chiropractic care doctor involve any form or surgery or medication. A completely holistic approach is adopted. The main objective is to help the body to fix itself.

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