If you’re looking to move to a new state, Arizona real estate is definitely worth a look. We have put together a summary of what Arizona has to offer, as well as an overview of the FSBO real estate market in the state.

Arizona’s biggest city is Phoenix, and it continues to experience growth at a rapid rate. The sixth largest city in the United States, Phoenix is the official and economic capital of Arizona. In fact, Phoenix’s phenomenal growth, has actually overwhelmed Tempe and Scottsdale, it’s neighboring towns. Some individuals claim that there is a lack of individuality and core foundation, as Phoenix seems to be ever-changing.

Phoenix is also home to many different sports teams for those of you who enjoy sporting events. There are professional teams in football, baseball, and basketball. Phoenix even has a professional ice hockey team, the Phoenix Coyotes. It may seem odd that a city in the desert has an NHL team, but that is something to expect in America.

Individuals who enjoy a warm climate will find Phoenix fits the bill. The summer average temperatures can soar above 100 degrees, but don’t worry because there is practically no humidity. In the winter months, the nights can be on the colder side, but during the day, the temps will still be in the mid 70s.

Flagstaff and Phoenix do not share many similarities, as the city of Flagstaff has an overall feeling of the Wild West era of old. Flagstaff in located on famous Route 66 and is considered a college town because the Arizona State University is located here. The University, better known as “ASU”, has over 30,000 students who more or less dominate Flagstaff.

Arizona real estate is very reasonably priced compared to other states. You will find that the low $300,000s, is the typical average home price. But, over the last year, Arizona housing prices have gone up more than 25% because it has become a popular place to relocate to.

People either really like Arizona or hate it based on how they view the heat. If you prefer hot, sunny days, Arizona real estate may be a very good investment.

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