Overview Of Water Rowing Machines

Whilst many people know about magnetic rowing machines and even hydraulic ones, most people do not even know the existence of a new type which is powered 100% by water. This is a fantastic one as far as a natural and authentic workout is concerned.

The water rower had been invented in around 1958 by an oarsman. His concept was to produce a rowing machine which could imitate working out on water as completely he could.

This rowing machine is powered by a water tank which is about as close as you can come to rowing in real life. Whats more, it glides almost silently with know chance of hydraulics breaking on you or magnets not synchronising as you’ll find on other rowers.

Whats cool about these machines is that you don’t have to mess around with different dials to set your resistance levels. Just like in real life, the harder you row the more resistance is generated and the harder the workout becomes.

Unlike many others steel built machines the water rower can be defined as a fitness furniture which suits every living room.

The machine has been built in wood and as such is very nice looking. You can also choose the specific design that takes your fancy so you can get just the look you want that even perhaps goes well with the rest of your house.

The difference between this machine and other rowers, is that it is a water powered rowing machine. Most are either hydraulic or magnetic and of course with anything which is complicated and technical like that, you get a heap of maintenance and problems. These are all avoided with the water rower models.

As you workout on one of these exercise machines, there will be little sound at all. Just the rush of water back and forth as you row, just like in real life.

You can also store this rower away with ease as it can even be stood upright with a full tank of water. I’m sure you can see just how safe that tank really is from what I’ve just said!

The included S4 performance monitor offers the following information: distance and time (programmable), watts, speed (m/s or mph), rate of strokes, heart rate and sum of all strokes. In addition, interval training and individual training zones can be set.

With a water rower you could really have an enjoyable time burning off fat, building up a good muscle tone and reaching a higher fitness level. But of course there may be a better type or model which would help you even more so I suggest you look around further before making your final decision.

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