OTC Bulletin Board, God And Machine Guns: Global Finance And Acid Rain

Strange title I know but how else do you describe what is going on in the global finance scene. With the master weave of God and Country which equal patriotism and prosperity, what happens when it all collapses? Chaos! It would be great to believe that there are a few men in a locked room somewhere who were controlling this economic collapse and in just a matter of time they would flip a switch and it would all be ok again but none of us are nave enough to believe such a backwards conspiracy theory.

The truth is far worse. The world bank creates money starting with digital imprints on a computer screen, a little money to reel in the third world, import western goods that they can’t afford, create a situation of debt and bam, we control another country and blame it on the World Bank and the IMF and all these numbers on a screen take a shape of their own in the minds of the global populace as ‘truth’. By truth I mean the international population accepts these numbers that are nothing more than a digital expression of a think tank drone that has been trained to believe that people are pawns and that government fractions within governments is just the way it is.

But people have lost the confidence in those imaginative numbers on the screen. People have lost hope that there is someone on the other side looking out for their interests to make sure that there are jobs, a paycheck and food on the table.

Mainstream confidence in the economic powers that be is disintegrating like a sugar cube in boiling water. With our military fighting battles on multiple fronts, men, women and children have to fight to keep the governments grimy claws out of their back pockets. The Fed, top tier investment banking gurus and global financial demigods just sit and slobber at senate hearings as they, just as we know that they are all for show. The government will use this to distract global citizens until the next distraction is placed on the board and the underhanded motivations of crooked power players will have their way again.

Between the crumbling of this economic house of cards, absence of God and global warming who can step in and save us? The answer is, good old fashioned entrepreneurialship. You, me and the small business down the street. Stop looking to institutional and governmental solutions. They’ll promise you a dollar and steal your soul.

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