Over 1 Million Web Sites Lean On Facebook

Facebook once again showed off its impressive figures of how people are enjoying using it. The one and only shocking news, which may be predictable to some, is its integration of over 1 million web sites either through the newly introduced plugins service or some other features. While it is publicizing its, yet another, milestone, Facebook has covered up or modestly put, amended some data in the past. Right now is an overall view on all the updated information.

Facebook has its own page for all the statistics and it is organized by various categories. At the very top is the “People on Facebook” section where the data hasn’t been changed much. It claimed in February that over 400 million people login Facebook month after month, and there are, on average, 130 people on their friend lists, and it still claims so. In addition, people are still consuming 500 billion minutes of time monthly on Facebook.

The category under “People on Facebook” is “Activity on Facebook”, which embody some numerical facts of status updates, videos, photos, events, groups and Pages in great details. These features used to be chopped into pieces and their data was closely discussed in separation. But now, they are as one. According to Facebook, over 160 millions “objects”, to which referred as events, groups and Pages, are used so far.

On the average level, people are engaged in 60 of the so-called objects. Moreover, 70 “pieces of content” (as defined by Facebook as status updates, links, notes, photos, videos and so on) are created every month.

There are as many as 25 billion “pieces of content” being shared on Facebook per month. Comparing the data with another one which was released in February, that 5 billion “pieces of content” were created per week, the number has bounced by a stunning 20 billion, if “created” and “shared” stand for the same idea. The soar is predictable, if one are aware of how Facebook is recruiting millions of people to its site every month.

“Global Reach” is a neglectful section, since there is no data update, besides the renaming of it from “International Growth”. Following is the Platform section, where some new exciting figures can be found. The first announcement is the increase in active applications number, from 500,000 to 550,000. Not exactly shocking, if you ask me.

But next, instead of 80,000 web sites having implemented Facebook Connect, the company now says that more than one million web sites have integrated with the platform. This difference is due, in a large part, to Facebook’s launch of the Like Box and other social plugins in late April; the company said this week that more than 300,000 sites have already implemented the plugins, and the number appear to still be climbing. These sites aren’t just small personal blogs, as CNN and many other online publications have been successfully experimenting with the plugins.

And that’s not all. While Facebook previously said that more than 60 million people “engage with Facebook Connect” on other sites, it now says that the number is up to 150 million. Note that we’re assuming, based on Facebook’s phrasing, that this means actually using Facebook on other sites rather than just happening to load sites that have the Like Box. The reason for this qualification is that widget companies are notorious for purposefully conflating these sorts of numbers.

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