Outsourcing Your Shipping To A Fulfillment Center

In the modern business world, it is businesses should aspire to be as efficient as they possibly can. One way of doing this is to outsource shipping to a fulfillment center. This will help you to reduce expenses and improve the quality of a vital aspect of any business that delivers materials or products. There are many reasons why companies who deliver products through the mail or parcel delivery systems should outsource shipping to a fulfillment center, which include reducing labor costs, lowering building rent and maintenance costs, and increasing the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment.

Outsource shipping to a fulfillment center and you can use your valuable real estate and building space for something other than storage. A lack of space is a big problem for many growing businesses. Employing a fulfillment center eliminates this problem. The flexibility of being able to rent only the space for storage that is required for your business operations, and routinely increase or decrease the space and the corresponding costs when needed could save your business a substantial amount of money. That’s even before additional factors are considered.

An extra benefit you can receive if you outsource shipping to a fulfillment center is that you could save a substantial amount of money on your labour costs. All business owners involved in warehousing and shipping knows that he or she constantly loses company money by having personnel with down time. Imagine being able to share warehouse and shipping employees with numerous other businesses, thus lowering costs and increasing efficiency. Now add to this scenario shipping staff that are ready to handle your manifest orders quickly and efficiently, and you have a basic understanding of how outsourcing your shipping to a fulfillment center can help your business.

Everybody knows that workers handle their tasks most efficiently when they specialize, are highly trained and experienced in the specific job they are to carry out. This has been proven time after time in manufacturing with the use of the assembly line. Outsource shipping to a fulfillment center and you will see something similar happen in your delivery procedure. Different personnel are trained to sort, pick, pack and ship items, and each employee is experienced in what they do. By organising the warehouse in this way each part of the process works more efficiently. Additionaly, the check and balance system that comes into play when different workers are used to pick and pack packages leads to fewer mistakes and inaccuracies in shipping. When the right products are packaged properly, and shipped in a timely manner, customers receive their merchandise on time and in good condition, leading to happier customers, and more repeat business.

Obviously, you can always opt to continue shipping the old fashioned way, incurring your own expenses for labour, materials, building maintenance, and more, but why should you want to when there is a better way? In the modern business world, you need to be ahead of the competition at every turn, and outsourcing your shipping to a fulfillment center where it will be handled by experts who do nothing but store and ship products gives you that extra edge in cost and quality over competitors who may still be behind the times. Save yourself money, time, and hassle by letting someone else take care of your shipping work for you so you can focus on the things that truly make your company grow.

Jeff Ehrlich is the President of FulfillmentPlusNY which delivers pick pack and ship operations for a litney of accounts across the country.Contact Jeff for product storing & shipping.

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