Each and every rehabilitation program has its own benefits and these vary depending on the individual who is seeking it. One might want to opt for a program which is not very taxing and easy going while one might want a program which is continuous for days together.

Apart from the want part, the individual who is seeking it might not really require the program which he deems is good for him. Eventually the most important thing during the rehabilitation program is the amount of ease an individual achieves or thinks would achieve.

One of the rehabilitation programs is the outpatient rehabilitation program which is at times considered to be the least intensive of all the rehabilitation programs. In this program each and every individual attends the therapy and counseling a few times a week for a couple of hours a day and that is the extent of it. This is widely used by people who don’t wish to be taxed by the program length.

The other important feature of this program is that it is only for very mild cases of addiction, where a problem has been recognized, but done so prior to life becoming unmanageable. This type of treatment is more so for those who abuse drugs and alcohol, and not so much those completely addicted.

There is a difference between abuse and addiction, as abuse is categorized as misuse and addiction is dependency. A good way to determine the appropriateness of outpatient as opposed to inpatient or day treatment is the necessity for the program to an individual.

If an individual needs to be medically monitored during the withdrawal of a substance from his or her system, is an indicator of dependence and the need for a more intensive rehab program. It clearly indicates that this is not the best rehabilitation program for the addict. Also as outpatient rehab is of so low-intensity, it is not recommended for severe cases of addictions.

The more severe the addiction, the more the brain and behavioral patterns are damaged, needing more intensive care to be rebuilt. The kind of rehabilitation program selected to treat addiction is essential in the recovery process, so be sure to assess the situation with care and caution.

Despite whatever desires that may be present to take the easy road or the path interfering with daily activities on a lower level, sobriety will come only with the proper care and full commitment to recovery. And this commitment can be achieved only if the individual wants to achieve it.

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