Outdoor Teak Furniture – A Great Option For Building Your Backyard Space

You’re finally going to do it. You’re going to make your backyard more than a place that is overgrown by weeds. You are going to turn in into a haven where you and your family will spend a lot of your free time on those great weather days. While the catalyst for finally doing something about the backyard may have been the fact that you saw that good outdoor teak furniture set you only can’t live with out, let’s go with it, and build the patio you usually wanted.

Here are the things you need to think of as you create your backyard entertaining space.

Don’t make your patio as well large for your yard, and visa versa. You need to take the current size of your house into account when you are considering the size of your backyard entertainment area. Neither one should lord over the other, the patio should be an extension of the house. The patio space should be a little smaller than your house, but not so small it seems like you only spilled a small extra concrete out the back door.

Once you have a fine idea of the size you would like your patio to be, you have to decide just where it is going to go. Some choose to center a patio on the back of the house, while others shift it to one side or another for various reasons. Size up what would make sense for your backyard, and how you plan to use the space.

Now it is time to map it out. Use a combination of strings and sticks to create the outline of the space. You may also want to put the dimensions on a piece of graph paper so you can toy with coming furniture arrangements.

If it’s a set of outdoor teak furniture that got this whole thing started, now where is it going to go? You need to chart out the space for all the furniture items you are planning on having in this area, to make sure they will fit and not be overcrowded. Is the outdoor teak furniture you were looking at rather compact? Or is it a large table and chair set that are going to demand a lot of room? What else needs to fit into this space? Were you going to have a grill on the patio? A bench? A swing? All of these items need to be mapped out on the graph paper. And remember to offer a little flexibility in these adjustments. When people are sitting at the table, the chairs will not really be flush with the table, so you need to offer an extra foot or two of clearance. Also take note of where the door to the house is. You don’t want any of the furniture blocking the door, or in a space that every time the door opens, the furniture is hit by it. Finally make sure there is defined walking path from the back door of the house to the yard.

Now you’re ready to have that patio constructed.

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