OTCBB – OTC – How To Take A Company Public The Right Way

As the global economy becomes more uncertain, entrepreneurs and CEOs are evaluating their fundraising strategies as traditional institutional lenders and government grants are become less available. For solid companies with profits there is a strong possibility of going public.

Pink Sheets aren’t very appealing to investors so these otc pink sheet companies can rarely stay in existence post public and the NASDAQ is a platform in which few can qualify so for companies seeking a rapid public offering of the pinks and the legitimacy of the NASDAQ the OTCBB (over the counter bulletin boards) is a viable option. The process can take from 3 to 6 months for a direct s1 filing and if it’s a real company getting the market maker to file the 15c211 is not that big of an issue as long as the initial audit and S1 filing went through without a hitch.

Post public operations are a completely different story and the investor relations strategy can and will make or break your ability to succeed in the public realm.

A strong investor relations campaign should contain a few central components: general corporate publicity, publicity wraps that go around each ‘C’ level executive to create the ‘expert’ label with your key staff, phone room communication to brokers to notify them on the ins and outs and what’s coming up for your company, stock alerts keeping seasoned traders up to speed with your stock position and information, press releases, keeping an eye out for and announcing the potential acquisitions and don’t forget about viral media (video, bookmarks, articles etc). One other thing is to hire a solid publicist who can get you on radio and television expert panel interview sessions as well as getting mentioned in journals and news papers.

All of the above is absolutely crucial to surviving and thriving in your post public life. One other thing, keep an eye out for solid strategic alliances who have multiple synergies that overlap with your business model. This is an important element for domestic and international growth and investor appeal.

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