Over The Counter Bulletin Board And Asian Expansion Power

Global consultants are all preaching the need for IPOs and eastern expansion into major Chinese markets but very few have the knowledge on exactly how to accomplish this and even less have the contacts to make such ventures happen.

In order for a company make a cross boarder expansion into a massive market like China work the consulting firm must have powerful local and federal government contracts as well as regional and local business leaders that can support the transition. Get ready to make payoffs as this is still the way developing nations operate and during an audit there are always three sets of books, one set the company shows the government for taxes, one they show to clients to earn their business and then the actual books which are only shown to insiders. Without the proper synergies in place by the consultant and the regional power-base you can forget a trouble free expansion. Consultants who are taking their clients public in the United States and then engineering international expansion and global strategic alliances are connected, in a big way to law makers on all sides as this is the only realistic way to facilitate a global expansion. I have been in this industry for 25 years and there is one company that is constantly in the news and on the tongues of global strategists for their ongoing track record for successfully taking companies public and facilitating global expansions on behalf of their clients at a speed that is simply staggering. Princeton Corporate Solutions is one of the only true global expansion strategies consulting firms. Their CEO, James Scott has established himself among US, EU and Chinese governments and regional lawmakers as an executive with the contacts to make or break a local industry in a developing/industrializing nation.

“It’s all about synergy”, Scott explains, “when taking a company public the corporate infrastructure must be in place and the professional pedigree of the ‘C’ level executives and board of directors must be in place. After this the company can focus on inter-industry alliances and then step onto the path of going public and that path will typically start with the OTCBB if the company has ambitions to grow onto the NASDAQ”.

And as for international expansion Scott explains, “Once again, it is about synergy. We always help our clients piggyback off of the successes, distribution and alliances that we have set up for previous clients and whenever we can put another successful entity into the mix, it strengthens the position of all parties involved”.

International consulting firms agree that the one true, viable fund raising strategy is a public offing with powerful post public investor relations in place to create a market for the company and global expansion takes more than elbow grease and know how but a plethora of contacts that cover all the basis’.

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