OTC Bulletin Board – How To Make Your New ‘Public’ Company A Success

OK, so you’ve just spent 5 months to a year in the process of going public. You’ve paid fat fees to auditors, consultants and lawyers, now you’re public…now what? How do you make a success of your new public company? Obviously you have solid executives at the helm and a board of directors advising you on various strategies and setting up new strategic alliances. You’ve eyed up companies to purchase as growth through acquisition is one of the main reasons for being public but how do you keep your stock selling and stable? How can you make it so your company stands head and shoulders above all other priorities of your market maker or broker dealer? You need to make their phone ring by pounding the pavement via public relations and pure publicity.

A sizable portion of your corporate budget as a public company has to be publicity. You need a publicist that will get you on the radio and on television as an industry expert. You need to be mentioned in newspaper and magazine articles. You have to create a presence that forces people to call their brokers to get information about your company and make a move toward stock purchase.

You must take an ‘in your face’ approach to your public relations strategy and your CEO and even your CFO have to take this as their full time occupation until the company gets the traction it needs and then after you have gained traction, take it up a notch with a simultaneous approach of both publicity and product placement to start rapidly building your brand.

After this, again you should take it up another notch by adding publicity solely to market makers and broker dealers. Get published and buy ad space in journals that cater to this crowd. Do the dog and pony show rounds. Introduce yourself. Tell these industry specialists about your plans for the company this year. Leak out some potential acquisition info that can act as a juicy tidbit to get them to dig deeper.

Now you’re ready to take it up a notch again; be seen with the in crowd. By in crowd we mean other professional executives within your industry genre, not competitors but potential strategic partners, get snapshots taken and have your publicist start the hype machine and remember, anything even remotely ‘note worthy’ should have its own press release sent out to the masses!

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