When trying to complete your new decor in the Oriental style you need to remember that the key to this way of decorating is simplicity. You should always look online to get ideas of a nice look that you can incorporate into your home, and make your own. With so many designing shows on TV you shouldn’t find it hard to get some nice hints.

The colors you choose to do your room in will make all the difference in what your oriental design looks like. By picking the most used colors in the oriental designs you can not only get a great looking room but have a fantastic look. Choose not only blacks and whites, but how about some nice reds or even dark greens. Make sure that the room has that feeling of comfort too though, not a busy look, but one that will leave you feeling calm.

The furniture for a true Oriental space is very simple. Rattan furniture with loose cushions are perfect for this style. For a more modern appearance to this ancient style use dark leather furniture that has very clean lines. Also consider using lacquered wooden furniture pieces such as side tables and coffee tables. Since the wall colors and furniture are very neutral in tone, spice up your space with red, turquoise or gold pillows and throws. This will give your space visual interest and still keep the simplistic feel.

You may jump at the thought of an Oriental rug, thinking it may be the only rug that you can purchase and use in this look. But it’s not true, you can use other neutral colors and they can add some great warmth to your room. Not that you can’t use a nice traditional oriental rug though.

This style lends itself to using accessories in fun and interesting ways. Keeping in mind that simplicity is the key to this effect; there are many choices when it comes to accessorizing your space. Start with some romantic candles placed sparingly around the room, then add a small fountain. Most Oriental homes have some type of water feature, because it is suppose to have a calming effect. Other accessories that could be placed in your space are elephants, dragons, silk kimonos, fans, Oriental tea sets, and silk prints.

The most difficult thing about the Oriental style is making it simple enough. To get this feeling in your room you will need to make sure you don’t add too much into the room and make it feel crowded. If you are not sure how your room looks stand back and look at it, do you feel a warm feeling when looking at the area, or is it more of a busy feeling? Don’t add too much to the room, remember Oriental is all about simple and warmth. You have so many different choices out there; don’t get way too many accessories though creating the right oriental look by using the hints from shows and websites will make the room feel better. Use these ideas along with your own and create the Oriental look that fits you and your personality. Remember simple and the feeling of warmth that’s what Oriental decorating is all about.

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