Marriage is a noble relationship that is settled in the heaven, but celebrated on earth. This day is celebrated to make it the most special and memorable day of life. Western as well as Asian weddings are celebrated in complete accordance with the culture and tradition of particular area. Asian weddings are characterised by enthusiasm, colour and entertainment.

Asians have carried out every effort to promote their culture in the UK and USA. There are a large number of Asian immigrants in the UK. Therefore, when they hold their events and invite their British friends over, they learn about the Asian culture. This has promoted their culture a great deal and now even the British people like to hold their events with an Asian theme.

In addition to the budget, you need to take care of the number of guest invited at wedding. It demands mutual consultation of both the families. The venue should be large enough to accommodate the guests. Moreover, it should provide room for other entertaining activities such as dances.

However, it is not an easy thing to organize an Asian wedding. There are many little things that a non-native will never know about. Therefore, they need to take the help of a person from this region, especially a professional. Good news is that many people have taken advantage of this opportunity, and they have established Asian wedding planning organization. So, you will easily find Asian wedding planners in UK.

For organizing an Asian wedding, you will need many traditional items that are part and parcel of an Asian wedding. You will not find these items that easily in the UK; however, an Asian wedding planner has all these things. Even for the Asians living in the UK, this is very advantageous as they can now have their weddings completely in their own styles.

The Asian bridal look is the speciality of the Asian weddings. Brides wear embroidered clothes with heavy jewellery. They wear special bridal make up to have a look of an Asian bride. The hands and feet are adorned with different mehndi designs.

Entertainment is a major part of Asian weddings. Music and dances fill colours to the event. Famous singers are invited to the event to entertain people with their beautiful voices. Famous songs are played throughout the event. Dancing and singing competitions can be organised between the friends of bride and groom. All these activities are the speciality of an event called Hina or Mehndi. It is given different names according to the particular culture. This event is celebrated one day before the main wedding day.

Delicious Asian food is served to the guests. The hosts try to include almost all the famous foods of the area. Hotels provide special catering service to manage all such matters. Thus, hugely popular Asian weddings reveal the hospitable and vibrant nature of the Asians.

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