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Who out there doesn’t want to take advantage of the most miraculous medical trend in recent memory? We all know that aloe vera juice is only the latest in a long line of so-called “miracle” cures for common ailments, and that is a logical evolution of the ancient practice of using aloe vera creams for almost any external injury. Why not take it internally as well? The problem with some of these juices, however, lies in the production process. Many growers use chemicals in their plants, and even the factory process is not always free of harmful preservatives and other chemicals. How then is the organically-minded health-conscious person to get their organic aloe vera juice? Here’s an idea: how about making your own?

The beauty of aloe

The best aspect of aloe vera juice is the fact that you can make your own if you know what you are doing. While this may not be the preferred choice for everyone who wants to use it as part of a balanced nutritional and exercise plan, it can be the least expensive in terms of monetary expenditures. Moreover, making your own aloe juice is one of the best ways to ensure that the manufacturing process is truly free from impurities, and that the aloe vera plants used are grown without the introduction of dangerous chemical agents.

What you need for the juice

Since the proper ingredients are a prerequisite to any successful manufacturing endeavor, let’s gather ours. Begin with somewhere in the neighborhood of eight to ten leaves from the aloe vera plant, grab a blender and knife, and decide upon which liquid you want to use as a base. When it comes to liquid, most people choose water or juice. If you decide upon juice the best advice is to choose a berry juice you make on your own, or something from an organic market. That will ensure that you don’t introduce added sugars or chemicals into your juice.

Juicing it all

The first thing you do with the leaves is to cut them with your knife. You have to open the leaves up to expose the pulp that resides within. When the pulp is in the blender, you blend it until it gains a smooth, creamy consistency. Once accomplished, add your juice until the drink is about the color and taste that you are looking for, and then blend it all together. The drink is, of course, best if consumed immediately, but it will store for a week or two if you refrigerate it properly. Anything beyond that timeframe can result in spoilage since the juice contains no artificial preservatives.

You should also give some consideration to the type of aloe plant you will use. Obviously, growing your own would be the optimum path to choose, since it enables you to control the process completely. Still, there are organic plants available in many locations if you look. Remember that saving money is only half of the goal here! The most important goal of all is to have a healthy, clean aloe vera juice that is completely organic while still providing the benefits you deserve.

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