Oral And IV Chelation Clears Blood Vessels Of Plaque

I had really bad peripheral artery disease was 40 years old and a smoker. Not a good combination. This condition started at the age of 17 and had made life miserable with pain at times. Now I was in a hospital thinking about my upcoming toe amputations. My doctor said he could fix the current problem but it would come back. Since my teenage years I had had 19 surgeries and numerous hard to heal wounds. The situation was getting old and repeating itself, time to do something.

After my surgery on April 1, 1980 I made choices which saved my legs and possibly my life. First I stopped smoking something doctors had urged me to do for years. It helped almost beyond belief. Second I started research to find a way to clear up my vascular disease. It was not long that I found information about a procedure called chelation therapy. It was approved for lead removal by the FDA but not for vascular disease. It was very controversial for this use but articles showed some doctors were having great success. I just needed to find someone who did this procedure.

By stopping smoking, increasing my walking exercise and changing my diet slightly I held off the disease for many years. I did have a few small problems but with natural healing remedies was able to cope with it and continue my life. I was good at being careful with my feet.

We traveled to Florida in 1992 and took our business with us. This work was very hard on feet but loads of fun. While there I opened an old wound on one of my feet. I was very glad I had done all the research and carried the information with me in case I needed it. I was able to find a doctor who did chelation therapy close by and I started IV chelation immediately. You can do the treatments every other day so I did until I had completed ten total chelation procedures. I was amazed that my wound had healed by the time I completed the fifth treatment.

I noticed fairly quickly after the treatments that I could walk much further without discomfort or pain and my feet and legs were able to take the work much better. I decided to take another ten IV treatments to see what would happen. Again amazing. I could now walk five miles or more without problems and work was now a breeze. Not since I was very young was that possible.

Over the next five years I took a total of 60 IV chelation treatments at six different locations around the country. During that time I never had a re-occurrence or symptoms of peripheral vascular disease. Around 2004 at the age of 65 I started to have very minor symptoms but with all my experience I could tell these were the beginnings of the return of poor circulation. By this time there were many oral chelation products available that were not available when I started chelation therapy.

Again research paid off. I found three oral chelation, products and each one over the period of 2 months each. Not until the fourth one did I find the least expensive and the one that worked the best for me. It was straight EDTA powder which is the same EDTA used in the IV procedures.The most important feature here is that I am symptom free over 70 and I can run walk and work as much as I want. I get to actively play with my grand kids and hike with my 40 year old kids too. I can say without a doubt chelation therapy worked for me and it can work for you.

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