Option Trading’s Best Kept Secret

An Unbalanced Condor; this is a trade strategy that is not well known. I’m sure it’s been around for a while, but for some reason it hasn’t caught on as popular. I’ve been studying options for numerous years now and took many popular courses that can be found on the internet. I spent nearly $50,000 on my options education, but I find it intriguing and a little misleading that most option courses don’t teach this strategy.

Hopefully, since you are reading my article, it will inspire you and others to begin their own investigations into this technique. I personally think the Unbalanced Condor should be the most used strategy for retail investors. I hope word spreads about the wonderful qualities of this option spread.

Doesn’t it sound ideal to trade options is a circumstance where it’s nearly impossible loose money in one direction, and have a nearly one hundred percent guarantee of making money in another? What if I was to say you can also make money on the trade, even if the market doesn’t move? At first glance, this looks like the perfect strategy, almost as if there was no way to lose.

Well, it is possible to do lose something on this trade, and actually, you can lose quite a bit on this trade just like any other option strategy, but only if you do not know what you’re doing. If you get too aggressive and try to make money too fast with it, you can also lose with it. The secret to the Unbalanced Condor is learning to be a patient trader. Once you master the patience and the simple adjustments that go along with this spread, then it’s really hard to lose on this trade. I think you’ll find that your worst-case scenario would result in about a 1 to 2% loss.

We are experts on this strategy. It’s one of our specialties. Currently, I am not aware of any other course that teaches this strategy at all. We’ve been developing and redefining this strategy over the last three years. We have developed ways to lock in profits on this strategy as we make them. We have developed ways to manage this trade over different types of markets. We’ve developed ways to neutralize the Vega position on this trade while maximizing Theta. We call this trade the “Revolver.”

To learn the ins and outs of this unsung strategy, look to San Jose Options as not only the best course offered, but the only course offered! We have hundreds of recorded sessions on this strategy along with written, step by step instructions with all you need to know about this unique, low-risk trade. To learn what Maximum Safety and Maximum Reward option trading is all about, then your only choice is San Jose Options.

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