Opportunities Of Low Cost Sailing With The Boat Club

For the sailing fanatic it can often become tough to enjoy a hobby which has such a high cost related to it. Sailing is a great experience but there are often a great amount of costs associated with it. One option of sailing pursuit for the sailing fan is found through the ownership of Catalina Yachts but this can prove to be incredibly costly. On top of the down payment and the monthly note payments that are related to Catalina Yachts, you are also responsible for finding storage and paying dock fees, slip fees, maintenance fees, insurance fees, repair fees and lots of other costs. An alternative to the ownership of Catalina Yachts is found with sailboat rentals, although this isn’t a much better alternative.

Though the rental of sailing boats would assist you in avoiding most of the high expenses related to Catalina Yachts, you’ll often experience a sub-par sailing venture. Many rental agencies use old yachts which are continually being rented by inexperienced sailors only further damaging a vessel which is in grave need of repair and maintenance. If you wish for a quality sailing experience in new Catalina Yachts but are looking to avoid the enormous expense of ownership, there is an unique opportunity with membership in to a boat club. The boat club is an unique program where for a monthly fee an individual could get access to the newest Catalina Yachts, having the opportunity to sail these yachts multiple times every month.

The boat club is an unique system where new Catalina Yachts owners open their vessels to be utilised by a number of members in the boat club. Each of the Catalina Yachts will host seven members plus the proprietor of the vessel being utilised. Every one of the 8 members of that vessel would be given a minimum number of trips on the vessel every month, with the only limit to use being to accommodate the other members.

The boat club has an advanced scheduling system that will permit members to easily document requested times to sail, granting every boat club member many opportunities to enjoy the sailing experience each month. Trip lengths can vary from a few hours, to a day trip, to overnight and can even incorporate weekend or week long voyages.

The best characteristic of the boat club is that you’ll only experience one flat payment, the membership fee. you’d be able to sail in a top quality and properly maintained Catalina Yachts many times each month for the low cost of membership. The boat club represents the most cost effective and inexpensive option offered to enjoy the Catalina Yachts sailing experience.

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